So you are looking for ways to make money online?

To start, I will tell you that I am an ordinary person just like you. I have been marketing products and making money online since the year 1998. I have been in many programs. Some worked and made me some cash, and some were totally scams or so hard and complex to market that it just did not happen.

Below you will find the current programs and products I am currently making a residual income with. Residual income if you do not know, is income that once you do the work or get the customer/customers you continue to get paid with no further effort on your part. That means that I could stop working and the pay checks would continue to come in.  Now that is the kind of income I seek. 

Would you like to earn some extra income that is residual in nature? I get multiple pay checks every month and you can too. So look over the different ways I have for you to make money online and get started today. I am here to support you in every way I can. I am just a phone call away.
Before I get to the actual ways and programs to make money online, I will give you a brief description of the 3 types of programs that I currently receive residual pay checks from, and yes you can do it too.
The Work At Home Programs

1: Jerky Direct
2: River Offers Affiliate Program
4: ARs Make Money With ARs
5: See More Affiliate Money Makers...
There are plenty of ways to make money on the Internet if you are willing to put in the time, effort, required. One great way is with affiliate programs. Getting paid to promote other people's products through and affiliate program is the quickest way to get started that I have found. Affiliate marketing has been around for many years now and most people credit with being the first company to have an online affiliate program. You will find a great money making affiliate program below.  If you are interested in affiliate programs you can increase your residual income using specific marketing and web tools. Essential for online business 
Certainly network marketing also offers some great residual income for repeat business on a monthly basis. Most MLM companies will set up your customers and distributors on auto-ship and the products they order go out like clock work every month. When they do you make a commission every month as well. This is do it once, get paid forever income! You will find one of the best and low cost network marketing programs below. 
A Counter
Residual Income: Networking
Networking is a great way to make residual income. The program below. Jerky direct it not only network marketing. You can also get paid on retail sales, and anyone who purchases wholesale jerky you get a cut of the action on the wholesale purchase in your downline or network.
1:Jerky Direct 
This program is a network marketing company that has the best Beef, Buffalo and Turkey Jerky. The first 2 years in business the product consisted of beef, buffalo and turkey jerky. Jerky lovers, this one is definitely a way for you to earn some extra income / supplement your income or turn a full time income from this business opportunity. Since the companies launch they have also added Fruit Stix.
Learn More About How To Earn Extra Income And Make Money with Jerky Direct... 

Jerky Direct is closed 

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Jerky Direct - Beef, Buffalo, Turkey Jerky -  Make Residual Income WIth Our Jerky Product
You can make money and earn a living working from home with your computer.
Counting your money and getting pay checks can be fun and rewarding
Multiple Income Streams - Diversity in making money online
2: Cognigen Now Called River Offers: We have quit marketing these products. I will put a new offer that I feel is better on the site soon.
Cognigen: Merged with Commission River offers is an online affiliate program with all kinds of commnications products as its main products line. They are diverse with other products to sell too. This is a free program to join, nothing to purchase. Although it is not required to make a purchase you may want to consider seome of the products for your personal use. You do get paid commisions on your personal use of all products too. Learn more on how you can make residual income  (look to the bottom right of the page when you enter the site)with Cognigen/Commission River products and services. I peronaly have puchased cell phones, long distance, domain names and other services and get paid a commission on them. Here is the main Products/Online Store you will get free when you join. Not interested in marketing products? Click anyways you will find some great deals on Cell Phones and Wireless Service, Credit Cards, Identity Theft Protection, T1 Dedicated Voice And Data Service, Security Software and Hardware for Home And Business and much more. Main Online Store Front Here. Thank You
Cognigen/Commision River Affiliate Program
3: ARs Making Money With Autoresponders
Autoresponders are a very essential tool when you are running an online business. You Manage and grow your optin list (The Money Is In The List) - Use the automation to save time and money - publish your own online newsletters for profit - Customers become more loyal to your name and brand - track online ads to see where your results are coming from.

But wait theres more.
Traffic Wave autoresponders is set up in a network marketing system to make you money
from others you refer using the Traffic Wave Autoresponders and Tracking systems. You
may even make more residual income from this source of revenue then your primary
online business. 

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Jerky Direct - Beef, Buffalo, Turkey Jerky -  Make Residual Income WIth Our Jerky Product
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