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Are you looking to Profit from the online Gold Rush?
New to online Marketing and online Business?
Are you interested in starting an online business? Perhaps working from home or just want some extra cash to enjoy life a bit more. I have several online/offline affiliate, MLM/Networking, and free to join money making opportunities you can get started with today. Here is the place for vital tools to get you started for your online success. Read on below on this page on the ways to make money online, 
Topics covered on this page.

1. Getting your own web site started. Is it really easy to make a web site?
2. A.R.s Autoresponders: How can autoresponders make you more money?
3. Voice on your web site: Can voice really increase my conversion rate?
4. Banner Ads: Do they really work? Graphics Software is in this section Marketing and Web Tools - Web Site Builders and Host - Autoresponders - Voice and Avators - Track Your Ads
1. Designing your own web site.
No matter what you may have heard from some of the so called guru's that may have tried to sell you a marketing system and telling you that you do not need your own site. Having your own site is essential in the online world when it comes to making residual income online. With that said there may be one exception, and would be if you are networking. And even in networking your own web site can be a tool that is vital to your networking efforts. 

How easy is it to build a web site? Build your own web site in 30 minutes
Below you will find a banner and a text link to what I believe is the finest Web site builder there is
today. This company will host your site or sites for that matter and the cost is minimal when 
compared to other host. Yes you can get free site out there, but you want to be a professional with 
your online business. They have different packages that can match you needs. The software or 
Site Builder can be used online or offline via your computer. This is by far the easiest site builder
I have ever used. And I have used many different site builder software programs.
Some of the Features
Choose from 2,000 detailed website templates
Start with a complete, functional site, including images and text
Change anything and everything—you're in charge!
Customize and update your site with ease
Track and collect visitor information
Accept payments 24 hours a day through PayPal
And so much more They even have packages with have unlimited sites and pages. That is what I use. 
I make no money off this host, it is what I use. Homestead Website Builder.. 
In going forward with other tools that can help you with your online business. I want to say to you, you can get your site started first (if you already have a site great) then you can add tools along the way. You do not have to rush in and get overwhelmed right off the bat.
2. A.R.s Autoresponder I give personal phone support for anyone verified on my team
If I had to choose just one tool to use in my marketing efforts online it would be without question A.R.s - An Autoresponder is by far the best and most automated way to keep in contact with potential customers and or current customers, network marketers, sending out newsletters, people interested in your multi level marketing program etc. Professional markets tell us that before the average person makes a purchase they need to see the offer 7 times. Think about the last time you made a purchase from a TV or Radio offer. How many times did you see or hear the offer before you made the decision to make the purchase or take the plunge.
The autoresponder I use has unlimited number of responders, unlimited number of contacts and even better pays you for your referrals (with a multi level marketing structure) to the company all the way through 10 levels deep. This may be one of the few tools out on the web that can actually make you more money than your primary online business.  You not only get a great autoresponder, you also get a custom online ad tracker, free banner ads in the network, Great for Network Marketers too, known as MLM. It just makes sense switch autoresponder companies, you get more and get paid to do it. 

When you use autoresponders you can.
Build your own e-mail marketing list. The Profit Is In The List
Sell more in less time. Automated your marketing, saves you time.
Publish your own online newsletters
Increase you customer loyalty
Track the results of your ads and much more.

Get my Free report on how autoresponder can increase your bottom line and make you more money.
3. Voice on  your website
Using voice on your site is something that has come to age. In the days of slow dialup internet
conections perhaps it was not a good idea for the time it takes to load.

There are several ways you can use voice and or movies on your site. And with Website builder I described above you will be able to do it all.

3a. Upload a video
If you are good at giving directions to your site and not shy. You may want to upload a video from a source such a YouTube you can make your video with what you want prospects to know about your site and then get a code to embed on your site.

3b. Site Pal
This is what I use and is easy to use and make changes. With sitepal you can direct your visitors to important links on your site where you would like them to visit. Or perhaps you want to make sure they see a certain section of your site. or you may just want to outline what is on your site..
4 Banner Ads. And Banner Makers/Graphics Software
When you control your own site. You can use banner ads in your favor. Do they work? I use free banner exchanges. Yes free. These are exchanges that allow you to advertise via their network of website (some of these have 100,000 or more sites in the network) in exchange for you placing a code on your site that puts other members banners on your site. The conversion rates for banner advertising seems low. Normally around
.3%. But if it is free would you complain? I have several banners I use that get as high as 2.65% conversion. I use xara to make my banners. Xara Xtreme is the easiest and most functional banner and image creator with 3d affects that I have found. Once you purchase it is yours. You even get a cd sent to you. There are banner makers on the net you can use too. In my opinion the ones you find online to use for free are just not of the quality you want to present to your potential clients or income opportunity seekers. And the usual come with a text ad attached to their site on the banner. 

Some programs you may join have banners you can use. When someone joins any of my programs I will build them custom made banners at no charge. If you are not in any of my programs I charge $25 for animated banners.
Fill out the form to the right and I will rush you my free report on How Autoresponders can make you money.

Use your Full Name and a Good E-mail address as you
will have to confirm your subscription to my free report.

If you do not confirm you will not get the information you requested.
Here are some of the top banner exchanges and text ad exchanges I use. Other resources too.

Slid up ads. These slide up as any page opens that has slide up code on the page.
As with all of these slide up ads are free to join.
Get Slide up Ads Now.  A simple one line ad code

BannerGoMLM Banner Exchange
A 1 to 1 exchange of 500 by 72 banners
ShowYouSite Banner Exchange
A 10 to 9 exchange 468 by 60 banners
Advert Text Ad Exchange
A text ad exchange. This one you do not even 
your own site
Show My Links Free Advertising
Advertise your links/site for free, solo ads and more.
Free Safelist
Get your message/sales promotion in thousands of prospects inbox

Look then over if you have a site I suggest using them.
If you are building a site in the future bookmark this page and come back and get them
when you are ready to use. You can see them in action below.
Legal Stuff: This Site IS Not Affiliated With Nor Do We Endorse Any Program Or Product Below. The Banner Exchanges Below Are Just That And Exchange Of Advertising With Banners
Use Your Full Name
Site Builder!
Richard Faller Ways To Make Money Online
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Graphics Software
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