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So what do you think about banner advertising?        New concept in banner ads.
Do you think banners as far as advertising still works? If you answered YES. You are right. 
I would say my evidence here that banner advertising is still alive and well, is the big online stores such as and many more, that continue to use banner advertising.  So how would you,,, Like To Get Paid To Promote Your Programs? With banner ads. 
See my ad board below to see how I use banner advertising.
Check Out the network marketers and affiliate opportunities below.

We add quality money making opportunites to your networking portfolio.
Brian Rooney owner of Traffic Wave Autoresponder started out this little experiment called. GetBuxToday  PTC And Advertising portal. Register today. And start making money. Get lots of traffic for your web site too. All are high traffic sites.  If you are going to use PTC advertising get your own adboard first. Get Your Own Ad Board HereAdvertise all your business opportunites on one page. A Cheap Way To Advertise.
A true affiliate program here. Free To Join This Affiliate Program.
Here is one for primarily Web Master that own a site or two, and have control over the content. Although it can be done without a website that you own. It is much easier if you do.
Have you heard of the exploding electronic cigarette market. It is absolutely growing by 
leaps and bounds. Many are calling the e-Cigarette the green technology for smokers. I have done my research on these electronic cigarettes and have spent quite a tidy sum of money to find this one. Which I believe will help anyone quit smoking. Find out more, read my Electronic-Cigarette reviews on my blog. Counter is stuck on 69 on my blog. Just thought I would let you know.
All you have to do is drive traffic to the electronic cigarette site with your special link or banner codes. And you get paid when someone makes a purchase. 45 day cookie.
They even have page peel ads (look upper right corner on this page)
WebMasters Make Money.. With this new technology in the Electronic Cigarettes..
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Where you can join the e cigarette affiliate program. No purchase or cost. 100% free.
Top Logo Ways To Make Money 101
A Counter
Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Or Just Click Link To Right For Affiliate Sign Up Page 100% free to join.
Call me Richard Faller if you have any qusetions on any of the programs and how they works. 
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Legal Stuff: Our Team Is Not Affiliated With Nor Do We Endorse Any Program Or Product Below. We Use The Banner Exchanges Below To Deliver Traffic To Our  Business.
Max e Vida - New Wash & Wax Car Wash - E-Cig Free Affiliate! Cheap Advertising, Ad board, Earn 50% Commission & More
We have stopped marketing this program as of 6-20-13
Turbo Car Wash For The Network Marketer / MLM
 Here is a low cost network marketing opportunity for the brand new networker 
looking to makesome extra cash or the full time experienced networker looking
to grow his/her cash flow.

The product is a waterless wash & wax car and trucker cleaner.
Save you time and money when washing and waxing your vehicles.
Earth friendly. saves you water on your washing job.

Pay plan goes in phases.
A unique  and rewarding commission plan
Starts at $30 commission in phase 1
To $10,000 commission in phase 5.

Check it out today

Wash & Wax Distributors.... I want you to start making money with this new wash & wax product. Make your life easier when you wash your car and make money doing it.

More affiliate programs coming soon.
Here is one way to get TRAFFIC for your site and get paid. If is called a traffic exchange and this one is a 100% paid membership. So all of the members in this traffic exchange have already made at least one purchase over the Internet.  That means, no freebie seekers on this exchange. Just another stream of income to add to your list and get traffic for your programs. Raining Traffic.. Get it now. You can find more Traffic Exchanges at our Top Free Traffic page. There are several that I make a monthly commission check on every month.
Get Traffic And 50% Commission
  • 1:1 traffic ratio.
  • 50% commission.
  • Free Banner Exchange.
  • Free Site Rotator, rotate your money programs.
Web Site Traffic
Max E Feeder is a feeder program the ultimate team feeder program for Max E Vida a super food nutritional company. The Max E Feeder is a fast moving 2by2 matrix board that you can cycle over and over again. The system takes care of placement, so once you sponsor a new Max E Feeder recruit. They then follow you to Max E Vida. And that is where the big money is.
Max E Feeder Program 2 by 2 Matrix Board / Cycle Over And Over
I would suggest here you join the Max e Feeder and get started that way. Although there are many that join both right away. The Max E Feeder program. And The Max E Vida Nutritional Program.. The Max e Vida super food has some good stuff, like Acai Fruit (4:1 extract)  
Goji Berry (60% extract) Hawaiian Noni (4:1 extract)
Mangosteen (5% extract) Pomegranate (40% extract) Resveratrol.
Max E Feedr Program
Max e Vida Super Food
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