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Earn Residual Income With Jerky Direct Business Opportunity. WaysToMakeMoney101.com
  Do you like beef, buffalo or turkey jerky? Is your answer is Yes? And you are looking to make some extra (residual) income then get more information on how the jerky program works below. Would like to talk with a successful distributor via phone conversation? Our contact information is at the bottom of this page..
Here are a variety of reason why people from all backgrounds of life get involved in Multilevel marketing.
  • Build a career and own their own home business 
  • Achieve specific short-term goals 
  • Improve their quality of life 
  • Provide additional family income 
  • Buy products they like at wholesale/discount prices 
  • Recommend products they like to others 
  • Receive personal recognition and encouragement 
Home Based Business - Simple - Easy - Fun Residual Income
Is your answer no about liking jerky? Do you know anyone or can you market the Jerky Direct jerky, and or the money making opportunity? Then you to should get involved too. Short Video Clip On How Jerky Direct Works
Jerky Direct Residual Income Opportunity - Multilevel Marketing
Richard Faller - 419-394-9137 Before 10:00 PM E.S.T.
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1. Why Should I Join Jerky Direct?
2. What Are The Products?
3. How Do I Get Paid?
4. How Do I Join/Cost?
1. Why should I join Jerky Direct?
Again. Are you interested in earning some extra cash? Well that is the obvious reason. Let me get a little more detailed on the rest. Jerky Direct is a premium high moister content meat snack company that is MLM or network marketing in nature. Multi Level Marketing is a system where you get paid on so many levels (jerky direct is 7 levels) in your sales organization. If you have family and or friends, co-workers etc, that like jerky then this truly is a business opportunity for you. If you know of a local business in your area, be it a premium coffee shop, auto repair shop, pizza (eat in style) business. That has high traffic to the retail store then they are a good candidate for the wholesale aspect of the jerky business.
Jerky Direct and its money making business opportunity is a Low-Cost Low-Risk way to achieve all of the above and more. For instance:
  • It is a way to meet other people and develop new friendships 
  • It gives families a chance to work closely together and develop stronger ties 
  • It helps people to develop and refine their business skills 
  • It provides people the flexibility to organize and manage their time as they wish 
  • It gives opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them to succeed on their own
2. What are the products?
Jerky Directs premium meat snacks currently consist of premium beef jerky. All the jerky is sold 2 bags at a time. (2 bag lots) or by the case
To get a complete list of all the products go here, to look over the beef jerky
3. How do I get paid?
Jerky Direct pays 7 level on the MLM side of the business. You can go as wide on your first level as you want. And then all the way down through 7 levels.
4. How do I join and what are the cost.
There are no start up cost in jerky direct. No monthly fees and no fine print. it is easy to join and you can cancel anytime. The only cost is the cost of the jerky you purchase. To stay active as a distributor or a preferred customer you must have an active autoship order of a minimum 2 bags of jerky. During the sign up process you will be asked what jerky you want.
If you have any question about the sign up process or any general questions do not hesitate to call me.
419-394-9137 before 8:00 PM EST

Have a great jerky day.
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As with anything in this Life I am Sure You Know: Any income projection above is just that, a projection only, and not a guarantee of income, individual results may vary.
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The video above is with the old company. The retail and wholesale is inaccurate. But gives you the basics of the jerky biz.