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Below are my personal top traffic exchanges picks and results. I do not pick many exchanges for anything other than what they can produce. DO you need geo targets? There are several on this page. They allow you to target your prospects to a certain country. Very useful if what you are promoting is only available in certain countries. All TEs I recommend here are manual surfAutosurf's are 99% waist of bandwidth, so I do not recommend anyone to Autosurf.
Section 1 / 1 to 1 Ratio
TrafficG 1 to 1 ratio down to 20 second timer + .1 bonus Highly Recommended
1:1 Supersurf Exchange - Targeted Traffic - Guaranteed 30 second visits. Banner exchange and advertising. Free website promotion, 100% Free Traffic,  Banner Impressions, Excellent Referral Bonuses,
Q. How many websites can I list on TrafficG? A. As many as you like! There are no limits on the amount of websites you can add to TrafficG. Membership base on 10-13-12 / 281,347 members.

WebMasterQuest 1 to 1 ratio down to 20 second timer  Highly Recommended
Webmasterquest provides free tools to bring you up to 120 hits per hour. Those are guaranteed visitors, seeing your site every hour. 5 levles deep. Free referral page with your banners and text links on the page. There are no limits to how many free hits you can receive each day! 50, 100, 1000?
Add multiple banners with clickthrough tracking.  Interest Targeting, Country Targeting, Region Targeting, Unique Traffic, Faster Traffic, Delivery Full, Semi or None Targeting Modes.+1:1 Exchange+ Targeted Traffic+ Guaranteed 20 second visits+ Add multiple sites+ Targeted Traffic. Now paying commissions on your referrals, free and upgraded members. Huge member base.

EasyHits4U Now get a 20 sec timer 1 to 1 ratio Huge member base 600,000 + Highly Recommended
Provides a fair 1:1 Ratio Exchange. There's no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000! Target Your Traffic To North America and otheres. We reward you for being active in our traffic exchange with cash and additional traffic. But that is not all! Refer people to using our banners and text links and you will get 10% of traffic they generate. And not only from direct referrals - you'll also receive hits from members they refer. The referral system grows up to 6 levels. Now with country targeting... 

EternalHits 30 sec timer 10:8 exchange (Hits Going Out Slow)
Folks: This is a true 30 sec timer, remember the longer your site is viewed the better chance for success.
Q. How many visitors will I get to my site if I visit 100 EternalHits member sites?
A. 80 Visitors for 30 seconds each site, however, if you stay on each site for 60 seconds or click to give feedback then you will get 80 Visitors and 80 lottery tickets. 5 referral levels NEW on this page, has been around several years now

SiteXplosion : Fast Progressive, to a 1:1 ration with 10 second timerRecommended
This one is not a true 1:1 ratio as it is progressive. That means as you surf you build your way to the one to one hit ration. Doe's not take long to get to the 1:1 surf ratio. Get this one. Hits go out fairly good for a new TE. The timer is short at 10 seconds. Way better than some of the 6 second timers which may have site exposure of as little as 1-3 seconds and a 1:3 ratio. Here is one of SiteXplosions splash pages. I like this one. Hits are going out fast. In the past few months SiteXplosion has made clear gains. I look for this to be clearly one of the best in time. Upgraded members get 1:1 ratio from the start and 50% commission  on referrals and purchases and Shane pays on time. One of the few I can say that about. When you surf SiteXplosion Traffic Exchange, Shane has a banner that he gives away cash, it will say. (Your First Name), You Won A Prize. Click Here To Claim.. Look for it. 

Surfing USA Traffic Exchange  Quality TE, Give this one a try. 
This one change to 2:1 surf ratio. 6 second timer. Dynamic surf ration is on all the time. Earn your way to 1:1 surf ration. 100 bonus credits each month. Get Surfing USA now.

Freedom Traffic: Ratio for free members is 2:1, upgraded member's ratio is 1:1 
Commissions for all members. Free members 10% Upgraded 50% commission. Also receive a percentage of credits when your referral's surf & earn credits. 300 bonus credits when you join. Must surf 50 pages for bonus credits. Bonus is a limited time offer so join now. Tested this one and hits are going out fast. This one is new and still the hits are going out at very good clip. Get Freedom Traffic Now.... Build Your Downline now. Hits have been going out slow..
NOTE: If you are using a 10 second timer Traffic Exchange or less, you must and I repeat must have a fast loading splash page. The timers in a 6 second exchange are fast. So you need a fast loading page, splash page better, squeeze/capture page even better. A squeeze page or capture page uses an autoresponder to capture the prospects information. If you are going to use traffic exchanges there is a right way to use them. Splash pages and capture pages are clearly and highly recommended in TEs. With this autoresponder service you get customizable Hosted Capture pages - Ad Trackers and make moneyAll in one location and one low price. Get your autoresponder with Hosted Capture pages and start using Traffic Exchanges the right way.

Why Do You Surf Traffic Exchanges?
So let me ask you, why do you use Traffic Exchanges? To get traffic you say. That is one reason. Having the mind set for another can put money in your pocket. So, 1. Use traffic exchanges to get traffic. 2. Profit from traffic exchanges. Yes surf exchanges for traffic, but most do offer a commission for your referrals and when your refs make a purchase. Take advantage of this and profit. That is why you are on this page, profit, right?
Traffic Exchanges - 1 to 1 ratio - 30 second timer
Richard Faller - Online Marketing Since 1999
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Wishing You Success
Richard Faller
Section 1.A  /No Surf Memberships / Get Hits Using A Rotator

This is a fairly new concept. You join one of these either free or paid membership. Then you add sites/pages to one of their rotators. Use the rotator in other TEs and get credits each time a rotator is shown in a TE. So you promote your programs/ products and get hits in other traffic resources.

Geo-Target Promo. Yes you can target your promotions to specific countries on this one.
As the concept stated above, no surfing required. I went lifetime upgrade on the one time offer.Here is my rotator for this program which I use in several Traffic Exchanges. Yes it works.

Another one coming soon. Need to get it set up. So check back in a few days.

While you are waiting here is new TE that is looking good. Wild Traffic Exchange.. Give them a try today. Free to join
Section 3 / 6 to10 second timers. Some timers have been shortened.
Nerd Surfing
Nerd surfing can get you more credits and do it faster. To nerd surf you need Click Track Profit.. Free to join and you can actually make some extra cash with this program. CTP has a variety of ways to get you more credits. You can surf 4 or more TEs in the nerd network at a time. Charge batteries for higher surf ratio. It can be fun too. With badges you can collect, game cards and magic wands. CTP has some superb training for the person using Traffic Exchanges. And yes it is free with and upgrade option. 

Here are a few sites involved with nerd surfingI Love hits owner Jon Olson,, SiteXplosion owner Shane Bost, Top Flight Traffic owner Randy Ritter, StartXChange owner Tim Linden. These Tim Tech nerds as they have named themselves are top shelf professionals in the world of Traffic Exchanges. These guys are always coming up with new innovative ideas. There are more sites involved, but these are the nerd surf sites I Highly Recommended..Clicking on the TEs will bring up splash pages which they provide for you.
Section 4 / More Free And Paid Traffic Resources
All of these are Recommended  some are Highly Recommended

Adverts  Free Text Ad exchange-Highly Recommended
The name says it all Text ad exchange. Do not need to own a website for this to work.

BannerS and BuckS New: Members join FREE, everyone upgrades... Kinda went down hill. 
Pay to upgrade for fantastic advertising. Even free members can get a free upgrade. Your own banners will Always rotate & display  in the TOP SPOT on your own splash pages and in the MIDDLE SPOT on all your referrals splashes. Upgraded members bonus: your banners will rotate in the number 3 spot on every splash page. Yes, you get your banner rotated in the 3rd spot on all Banners and Bucks pages.
468by60 splash - 125by125 splash click both. You can add unlimited banners to each.

BannersGoMLM  Free 1 to 1 exchange. One of the oldest on the net with a very large network of sites.
Free Banner Exchange Program - world's fastest and easiest free banner exchange program. With this free banner ad exchange program, 1:1 banner exchange ratio. This means that for every banner ad you show on your site, your banner ad gets shown once on another site. This service is completely FREE
Highly Recommended

ShowYourSite Free banner exchange- Highly Recommended
You get a shocking 10:9 exchange ratio, one of the best on the net! For every 10 banners you show, your banner gets shown 9 times on other sites. Most other banner exchanges give you a 2:1 or 3:2 exchange ratio. 

 Note: See more banner exchanges at the bottom of this page.

Ad Board Free Advertising: Free Ads or go pro with a one time upgrade fee. Highly Recommended
You get 5 banner spots (free) 5 text link ads (free) advertise all your programs on one ad board. Your ads will also be seen on other members ad boards. Upgrade to pro (one time fee or earn a free upgrade) for more advertising and earn 50% commission plus you get random referrals and even more free upgrades with other ad programs ( all are optional to you as an upgraded member). Not sure about an upgrade? Sign up for free and you can earn a free pro upgrade. Upgrade with Paypal - AlertPay - Egold.

Banner Adds That Pay. Not doing what I expected.
If you like banner advertising as I do, this one is for you. You can get paid while promoting your products, services or affiliate program. You can even get random cash for each banner pack you purchase without ever sponsoring a new member. For those of you who like to do nothing in the way of marketing a program this is clearly for you. 

Traffic Wave: By far the best autoresponder and the cost is reasonable.  Highly Recommended
This is not a free service. I will tell you that I have used other responders starting in 1998 when most were free. They have come along way since then. I have paid for several in recent times, and a couple were as good as Traffic Wave. But none of them compare with the money you can make with TrafficWave. 
Richard Faller
No Surfing Required Traffic
See Section 1.A
Legal Stuff: Our Team Is Not Affiliated With Nor Do We Endorse Any Program Or Product Below. We Use The Banner Exchanges Below To Deliver Traffic To Our  Business and Affiliate Programs.
More Resources Coming Soon
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Section 5 / More Free/Paid Marketing Resources/Tools
SkySafelist: FREE: Go Pro For A One Time Fee I have been pro for several years
Email advertising is still the best form of advertising. Get your sales message in an opt-in prospects inbox
  • The limited length of Free member's email ad: 500 chars
  • The limited length of PRO member's email ad: 5000 chars
Go Pro: More credits, single ad mailings and more. 
One-time fee: $29.95 USD. No monthly or yearly fee. Price subject to change.
You can even put in a banner ad that rotates at the top of the SkySafelist page. And in the back office.

ShowMyLinks: FREE: Go Pro For A One Time Payment I have been pro for several years
Free To Join - Over 20,000 opt-in prospects - Get Your Text Ads delivered to random opt-in members once a week! Pro members: Get 100 units of Ad weight for Lifetime PRO membership ; Get 20 units of Ad weight for 1 Year of PRO membership. Setup your text Ad links up to 5. Setup your Email Ads up to 5. Email all your downline once a week by ShowMyLinks server, automatically! Place your own TOP BANNER AD on your referral page, and get rotated on all Basic members referral pages.

Coming Soon

The Best Web Site Builder: Build a complete search engine ready web site. Create splash pages. Create squeeze pages. 30 day free trial. You can upgrade to unlimited number of sites and pages when needed. This is what I used for this page and more. Here are a few more web site host with site builders...

Hosted Capture pages used in Traffic Exchanges. 
AdKreator: Get one splash page free as a free member. Paid members get unlimited splash/squeeze pages, where you can use your autoresponder forms on your splash pages. I recommend what I use as an autoresponder a full AR service

With Traffic Wave you get a full service unlimited autoresponder - hosted capture pages - ad tackers and more. All for one low price. the AR service has a 10 level money making affiliate program too.  

Coming:  Internet Marketer? 
Something new coming soon

More Marketing Tools Click Here

Try The Buffalo Jerky,, Try The Beef Jerky,, Try The Turkey Jerky.. Earn Residual Income..
.....Jerky Business Opportunity.....
Richard Faller
Section 5 Below
My Blog Spot
Get better results with a real web site builder and host. Click right banner
Check Out Nerd Surfing Benefits
See Section 3
Free Traffic Exchanges - Autoresponders - Reseller Sites - Ad Boards - Web Site /Splash Page Builders - Safelist - Adverts and more.
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Section 2 / 15 to 20 second timers 
Fast Cash And Traffic:  Up To 1:1 ration  15 second timer. Upgrade 12 second.
Get random referrals when you upgrade to any level, you can up for as little as $1.75 a month.
This one is quite different, I am not recommending this site if you surf at this time. I have had about 100 hits go out in 6 months. And yes I upgraded to this one. $100 for a life time upgrade. Big mistake unless the mailer works superb, which I doubt. I am still evaluating the mailer. Fast Cash And Trafficnot recommending . I was recommended this one from someone I knew, I will never take their recommendation serious again. Watch what you put your name one. Try it if you want.

Traffic Swarm 20 second timer. Going Down Hill Fast. Was one of the best
TrafficSwarm is Proven: Over 300,000 SUCCESSFUL members utilize the secret "TS Traffic Technology" to generate MILLIONS of visitors world-wide!
YouTube Channel
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No Auto Surfs
Cheap Banner Advertising
Section 3 A / 6 to10 second timers

These next 3 are connected in a power surf central RealHitz4u  2 to 1 ratio down to 6 second timer. 
Get flying high with Soaring 4 Traffic    Highly Recommended Top TEs
still has a 10 second timer, I like that. Pays good commission for upgraded members and that is a plus. Ray has personalized splash pages you can use to promote this exchange. You can add your banner at the bottom of the soaring 4 traffic splash page, that is a plus. and HitSafari they are all 3 joined together for bonus creditsThe bonus credits are. surf 100 pages in any given day and get 30 free credits 100 banner imp. 200 text imp added to each exchange the next day. Sign up with all 3 of these. Highly Recommended Sign Up For All Three Above

4by4 Hits.10 second timer. Have not used this for sometime.
Has a 2:1 progressive surf ratio. Moves fast with lots of free credits and a login bonus + some cash. Pays good commission for upgraded members  Member base reaching 17,000. Hits go out in a timely manner. Great banner ratio with solid click ratio on your banners. Hits keep going out on a timely manner.
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