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Below are my personal top traffic exchanges picks and results. I do not pick many exchanges for anything other than what they can produce. DO you need geo targets? They allow you to target your prospects to a certain country. Very useful if what you are promoting is only available in certain countries. All TEs I recommend here are manual surf. Autosurf's are 99.9% waist of bandwidth, so I do not recommend anyone to Autosurf.
Section 1 / 1 to 1 Ratio
One to One Surf ration - For every site you view your site gets seen the same. Will 1 to 1 ratio save you time in your surfing? Absolutely.

TrafficG 1 to 1 ratio. geo-trageting+ .1 bonus Highly Recommended
1:1 Supersurf Exchange - Targeted Traffic - Guaranteed 30 second visits. Banner exchange and advertising. Free website promotion, 100% Free Traffic,  Banner Impressions, Excellent Referral Bonuses, Q. How many websites can I list on TrafficG? A. As many as you like! There are no limits on the amount of websites you can add to TrafficG. Membership base on 9-13-2020 / 598,794 members.

WebMasterQuest 1 to 1 ratio geo-trageting.  Highly Recommended
Webmasterquest provides free tools to bring you up to 120 hits per hour. Those are guaranteed visitors, seeing your site every hour. 5 levles deep. Free referral page with your banners and text links on the page. There are no limits to how many free hits you can receive each day! 50, 100, 1000?
Add multiple banners with clickthrough tracking.  Interest Targeting, Country Targeting, Region Targeting, Unique Traffic, Faster Traffic, Delivery Full, Semi or None Targeting Modes.+1:1 Exchange+ Targeted Traffic+ Add multiple sites+ Targeted Traffic. Now paying commissions on your referrals, free and upgraded members. Huge member base.

1-1 Hits .. Account has been suspended. I took links out and get 1,000 free credits, 1,000 - 468 by 60 banners, 1,000 - 125 by 125 square banners and 1,000 - text ad credits..  1-1Hits is all about delivering hits faster to your websites and that's why free members get a 1:1 surfing ratio with a 4-second surfing ratio.Not very many traffic exchange programs offer a 1:1 hit ratio so come and join us and take advantage of this. They also have a free rotator. Recommended.

 If you are using a 10 second timer Traffic Exchange or less, you must and I repeat must have a fast loading splash page. The timers in a 2 second exchange are fast. So you need a fast loading page, splash page better, squeeze/capture page even better. A squeeze page or capture page uses an autoresponder to capture the prospects information. If you are going to use traffic exchanges there is a right way to use them. Splash pages and capture pages are clearly and highly recommended in TEs. With this autoresponder service you get custom Hosted Capture pages - Ad Trackers and make moneyAll in one location and one low price. Get Team provide FREE capture pages. We have a TrafficWave Team LATW I highly recommend if you are using Traffic Exchanges. You get all the benefits of TW with the support and team provided pages ( Team and Personal) from our team.  
Traffic Exchanges - 1 to 1 ratio - 30 second timer
Richard Faller - Online Marketing Since 1999
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Section 1.A  Co-OP Traffic / Get Hits Using A Rotator

 CoopMGWill shut down soon. Am looking into a replacement
Cooperative Marketing Group (Owners Randy Howard and Jolynn Moss) is a manual traffic exchange with a twist. CoopMG is also a quality CO-OP with other traffic exchanges in its network. (I like to say, get seen everywhere.) There are over 200 additional traffic resources and I assume they are adding more as I write this today. If you like to purchase traffic, they have very reasonable traffic packages. Credits, banners, square banners, login pages and more. CoopMG also has a free rotator for you to use and more. Again get your site / pages seen everywhere.

Legacy Co-OP.. Recommended
THIS IS BIG. How long would it take you to surf hundreds of traffic exchanges? Legacy Co-OP does just that. Produces traffic for your money making promotions to literately hundreds of high traffic sites. All you need to do is get hits to your CO-OP Link in your favorite traffic exchanges. And Legacy will send your promotions to hundreds of sites.
Section 3 / 2 to10 second timers. Some timers have been shortened.
Here are a few TEs that I use regulary. 

I Love hits​  you can get 250 credits, banners and text when you surf 100 pages at signup,,

Hot Flash Hits  Recommended 
 There are quite a few traffic exchanges out there that dribble hits to you. At Hot Flash Hits they have a steady flow of traffic for you. Hits go out in a timely manner. Hot Flash Hits has weekly bonus and bonuses rewards, when you login click on the hot spot ad for free credits and banner impressions. Join for free today. Here is one of Hot Flash Hits Splash pages so you can get referrals and extra traffic.   

StartXChange You can get bonus credits here too. 2:1 Surfing Ratio for Free, Plus Dynamic surfing. Which means the more you surf the better the surf ratio gets. These Traffic Exchanges are all recommended as high quality traffic. Hits have been going out great. They can move traffic
Section 4 geo target / More Free And Paid Traffic Resources
All of these are Recommended  some are Highly Recommended

Bags Of Ads  Has went to the real slow side of getting traffic.
   Join as a free member where you can view ads like a TE and credits to show your web page. But wait this is where it gets interesting. You can purchase bags of traffic (advertising) for just $5. By doing this you will get more page views for your website, plus 468 by 60 and 125 by 125 square banner impressions, plus get text link ads too. This is a level up type system purchase one bag, level one. When you get to level 5, you can purchase the BIG bag of ads. With the big bag (for $5) you get double the webpage views, all banner and text ad impressions. These go out in a very large network of sites. Here is a advertising splash page to get referrals for bags of ads.    

Adverts  Free Text Ad exchange-Highly Recommended geo targeting
The name says it all Text ad exchange. Do not need to own a website for this to work. You can make one of your affiliate pages work with this program. 

BannersGoMLM  Free 1 to 1 exchange. One of the oldest on the net with a very large network of sites. Free Banner Exchange Program - world's fastest and easiest free banner exchange program. With this free banner ad exchange program, 1:1 banner exchange ratio. This means that for every banner ad you show on your site, your banner ad gets shown once on another site. This service is completely FREE

Buckets Of Banners .. Highly Recommended.. I have been paid by Club Bob
They have several payment options I used Zelle. Buckets of Banners is unique in that you can surf for banner credits. They also have a what is called  Interactive Splash Page. that you can promote to get more banner credits. Here is one of the buckets of banner splash page. Click the link buckets of banners.  Get this banner program today. Join Free. I suggest upgrading and making cash.

Traffic Wave: By far the best autoresponder and the cost is reasonable.  Highly Recommended
This is not a free service. I will tell you that I have used other responders starting in 1998 when most were free. They have come along way since then. I have paid for several in recent times, and a couple were as good as Traffic Wave. But none of them compare with the money you can make with TrafficWave. We have a TrafficWave Team set up that provides you with team and personal pages for your marketing needs in Traffic Exchanges. Personal pages can be setup with your autoresponder in it to start building your list. Team Links Across The Web Highly Recommended for making money with TrafficWave. I will personally help you promote this program when you join me as your personal sponsor in Team Links Across The Web.  

Legal Stuff: Our Team Is Not Affiliated With Nor Do We Endorse Any Program Or Product Below. We Use The Banner Exchanges Below To Deliver Traffic To Our  Business and Affiliate Programs.
Autoresponders - List Builders - Form Generators
Section 6 / More Free/Paid Marketing Resources/Tools

Coming:  Internet Marketer? 
Something new coming soon
Richard Faller
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Make some cash
See below section 5
Free Traffic Exchanges - Autoresponders - Reseller Sites - Ad Boards - Web Site /Splash Page Builders - Safelist - Adverts and more.
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Section 5 / Viral Mailers. 

Lead Magnet and or Listnerds. Both at the top of viral mailers. Signup for FREE.

Lead MagnetHighly Recommended. Make some serious cash here. Read On.
Top shelf viral mailer. All In One - List Building Solution. Yes I finally upgraded for life on the power magnet lifetime with one time payment for life. Glad I did as I now get instant 100% commissions on 2 out of every 3 sales. That is some serious cash. ALL Members get 100% Instant commission on Every other sale too. Free members can email a limited list every 3 days FREE with whatever you are marketing. Lead Magnet delivers your offers to a vast number of prospects and puts them right in the inbox of the prospects email addresses. But wait there's more, Why not market Lead Magnet and get paid. Here is a splash page for Lead Magnet.

Listnerds. Recommended
Listnerds has been around for quite awhile. They deliver your offers right to the inbox of their list. 
get Listnerds today. Click on emails to get credits and email your offers or upgrade and email your offers right away.