Below is a graphic to use in a splash page for Traffic Exchanges... For your new Jerky Direct Business. Or for that matter any other graphic or program too.

This will be a simple basic design. It is far better to have a autoresponder on the splash page. Well that then turns it into a squeeze page/capture page..

Here is how you make a splash page for traffic exchanges in the very basic form. You will have to save a graphic to your computer before you start.. Email me or call me and I will put your name on one of the graphics below. It can have your picture on it. Or just generic. Then I will send you the graphic so you can save it to your computer. I can put a small amount of other info too, like a phone number. Although they may let you do that in the splash page maker.
1. Put the graphic on a picture host or on your host if you have one, you may need a url for that graphic later. You can use such host as.. PictureTrail Host.. or Photobuckets host.. I have used these several years ago..
You will need to get and save the url sometimes called the direct url of the graphic you just stored on the host.

2. you will need a host for the splash page. Here is an easy one. Join this TE. It is a traffic exchange called  EasyHits4u. they have what is called an easy splash page maker.. They also have a free rotator so you can rotate your pages.

3. After you join and are logged into easyhit4u.. You will see a link to the left. [Easy Splash Builder] or something like that. Click on it and it will bring up the page maker program. It is all done online..

4. You will see images in the top bar, smiley face, chain/broken chain, and one that looks like a tree. That is what you click to [inset/edit image] it should say this when you mouse over it.. When you click it it will open a window. It will ask you for the [Image url] (that is the url from the picture host or your host. So put that url in that box. Plus it will ask you for an image description and title. Put what you want in there. Perhaps (make money with jerky). Click the insert button to insert the picture.

5. After the image has been inserted. Click on the image then click on the chain (not the broken chain) this is [insert/edit link.] It will ask you for a link url (this is what I use ) just click on the opportunity page in your jerky store and copy your url. Plus it will ask you for a [Target] use the drop down arrow to select [Open In New Window Blank] Plus another title.

6. Optional but recommended. Put your contact info like I did on mine. And let them know they signup for the training AR which you are obviously reading right now. It lets them know they have support in this new jerky venture. And then yes send the the url to sign up with the training ar after they join. Here is my page for the jerky program using the free splash page maker at SplashPageEasyhits4u.. You can copy the text if you like at the bottom, just put your contact info and name in it, not mine.. If you are still not sure how to do this, call me, I will walk you through it.
Make Money With Jerky 1
Make Money With Jerky 2
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Below are 2 graphics you can use. The first is a generic picture and the second is more personlized with your picture on the page. Recommended. You will need to email me or call me and I will put you name on the picture just like below and if you want I will put your picture on it too. This will help brand you in the TEs..

This service is for our jerky group only... The free splash page maker works for other programs too. You can have 3 splash pages free.
How To Make A Splash Page Using EasyHits4U
Free splash page maker: this info is specific to the below money making program. But the free splash page maker can be used for any legitimate money maker.
Richard Faller
2. A More Personalized Splash Page Graphic: Call or email for personalization
1. Generic: Personalized Splash Page Graphic: Call or email for personalization
Before I go to creating a splash page with easyhits4 you free traffic... Here is the html code for a page break or to drop a line. This is useful for the other and better splash page maker I told you about in the Jerky Direct,, newsletter. If you really want to look professional I suggest getting a low cost web site hosting company.. You can easily build splash pages, squeeze page and search engine ready web sites. At a lower cost and more versatile than most splash page makers.
Code for page break.. for the free splash page maker in the newsletter for my dowline in Jerky Direct.. If you want drop one line or a page break, here is the code put it right after your autostart video like the one to the right on the splash page or where ever you want to drop a line. One line drop <br> if you want 2 lines <br><br> 3 lines = 3times etc. Again have trouble call me. As always if you need help and are on my jerky direct team call me.
The code for autoplay YouTube video's is ( &autoplay=1 ) you will want to use old embed code for this. Here is some code for a YouTube video.  <object width="275" height="216"><param name="movie"
value=";hl=en_US&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="275" height="216" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object> Take note where the autoplay code is for this youtube video. You will have to manually insert the autoplay code.
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